Stepping into a painting

Some of the questions I’m trying to adress in my work are about how immersive art can provide a starting point to talk about mental health and how this could give people an everyday , brief respite.

I am currently looking at ways to create an immersive installation aimed at uplifting spirits! I want to create an imaginary world with art that gives the viewer a tiny window,a porthole of something that’s endless but that suggests it is part of something much bigger. Leaving the audience to imagine the rest of it , suggesting it goes on forever…To take people away , briefly, from everyday life .Endless possibilities…

Published by Shiryn Wynter Art Collection

I am an artist who is trying to start a conversation about the benefits of Art in Mental Health and Education. My paintings centre around my personal memory of childhood and my passion for nature. I like to create abstract , imaginary worlds that can seem almost dreamlike with endless possibilities. I prefer to work on a large scale with oils and mixed media . I am inspired by our natural landscapes and my passion for nature .

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