Introducing my new series of work ‘Twilight’ 🌜⭐🏠 leading on from my ‘When the lights go on ‘ series. A change from my usual style as nooo colour !! Its been quite tempting to add some but I’ve resisted! Lol 😆 Hope you like the four I’ve completed so far . This is going to be a series of 21 pieces in total . All linked but all unique. Let me know what you think of the monochromatic look 🤔
Each canvas is a square 20cm by 20cm .

WhatsApp me on 07903522979 if you are interested 😊

Published by Shiryn Wynter Art Collection

I am an artist who is trying to start a conversation about the benefits of Art in Mental Health and Education. My paintings centre around my personal memory of childhood and my passion for nature. I like to create abstract , imaginary worlds that can seem almost dreamlike with endless possibilities. I prefer to work on a large scale with oils and mixed media . I am inspired by our natural landscapes and my passion for nature .

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